Gypsy Dance performance

Having been taught dance by gypsy legends Vineta Rudevica and Irina Lisovska in Latvia and Sua Devi in India, Ingrida utilises their dance vocabulary in her own distinct style.

Ingrida wishes to thank Iona Barker for her amazing gypsy dance costume designs!

Russian Gypsy Dance Solo

Ingrida takes the Russian Roma gypsy dance elements of swirling skirts, fast footwork and exquisite arm movements and compounds them with her ballet training.

Indian Kalbeliya Gypsy Dance Solo

Ingrida’s Kalbeliya dance is as much a dance as a musical interlude, with chiming coming from her ankle bells (called ‘ghungroo’) to the veil affixed to the top of her head! Playful facial expressions juxtapose the sharp and intricate hand gestures, as barrel spins take audiences to a new level of dance appreciation.

Performance CV available on request.