Burlesque performance

Named “one of Scottish cabaret’s most talented dancers” (The Skinny, 2010), Gilda Lily has devoted years to studying, performing and fusing various dance styles; thus bringing grace and elegance to the stage. As a seasoned dancer and performer, Gilda is able to design, choreograph and perform routines solely based on a client’s requirements. Additionally, below are a series of acts that Gilda has created and performed for public audiences, which can be adjusted to suit a client’s requirements. Please contact Gilda via email at info@ingridadance.com to discuss your performance requirements.

Please see here for photos of Gilda’s acts.

Striptease Burlesque Acts

Cherry Popping

Get ready for your burlesque cherry to be popped with a POW in Gilda’s newest 50′s themed act! Starting with a retro balloon pop, then on to a rockin’ striptease to knock your socks off, culminating with a variety of tassel-twirling fabulousness… so greasers, Ivy Leaguers, squares and cool cats alike, fire up your engines, and let’s get ready to rumble!

Deco Silks

Set in the early 1900′s, this act is a twist on Loie Fuller’s “La Serpentine” dance combined with Mata Hari-styled exotic striptease! With a never-before-seen costume piece made out of glass, Gilda embodies the Art Nouveau movement with vaudevillian flare.


Pamper your audience with Gilda’s signature act, a masterpiece composed of a 1930′s glamourous Hollywood-stye striptease, embodying the utmost in luxury and supreme sensuality. To extend the tease, ask Gilda to add a fan dance with her giant ostrich feather fans.

Non-striptease Cabaret Acts

American Showgirl in Paris

Think PINK with this beautiful showgirl-style fan dance, performed with 5 ft wide ostrich feather fans. Best performed in a venue with high ceilings for maximum fan manoeuvrability. See below for Gilda Lily’s non-striptease “American Showgirl in Paris” act (thank you to Loraine Ross Photography for filming!).

Mein Herr

Gilda’s recreation of Liza Minnelli’s stellar non-striptease chair performance as Sally Bowles in “Cabaret”. See below for video, and thank you to Dom Bower Photography for the footage!

Performance CV available on request.

Gilda wishes to thank:- Iona Barker for her amazing costume designs. Also thanks to Silks By Sahariah for the veil fans and silk materials used in the “Deco Silks” costume.